Si Ombrellone was born in the year of the Metal Pig. Normally, the element metal makes a person rigid and pessimistic.  The easy going and optimistic pig, however, relieves these tendencies.  Instead, metal pigs are blessed with immense fortitude and a great deal of perseverance. Metal makes these pigs more ambitious and stubborn than any other.  Unusually for pigs, those born in metal years have sharp wits and incisive intellects. Metal pigs are more brash than other pigs.  For these reasons, they are prone to offending people.


Most of these recordings are musical journals.  The songs were written onto the tape of a 4 track cassette recorder as a person would write thoughts or poetry.  You can hear some refinement in the later recordings, but for the most part, this is seat of your pants music. 

All recordings are available for free download. Please enjoy.

Stranded in Thought  (1995)  Download    

Stranded in Thought (1995)


Stranded In Thought was the first 4 track recording that Si put together while playing in Johnny Orange Peel.  It contains mostly instrumentals and is overly silly.

Winter Hat  (1995)  Download     

Winter Hat (1995)


A 4 Track recording released in 1995 as well, Winter Hat was similar to Ombrellone's first recording. It contained more darkness, reflecting his state of mind and his current city of Providence, RI.

Ugly  (1997)  Download     

Ugly (1997)


Ugly was made at a time of severe depression and reflects it well.  The singer of Converge heard it and liked it.  That makes it famous.

Fork   (1998)  Download

Fork (1998)

Experimenting with drum machines, synthesizers and too much of a BBE sonic maximizer, Fork was born. WH Golson won prize money for it's art which is considered good Karma.

On The Porch     (2000)     Download

On The Porch  (2000)

On The Porch was made while living in NYC. It has guest performances of friends at the time and is the best demented party album you will ever lay your ears on.

The Other 3 - Xmas    (2001)   Download

The Other 3 - Xmas (2001)

This festive/comedic recording was done with friends Tom Landry & Rob Silk.  Christmas blasphemed in musical form.

PCR - Rock the Kossuth Club (2001)    Download

PCR - Rock the Kossuth Club (2001)

While living in Bridgeport, CT aka The Park CIty, Si had a hankerin' for some old school rock.  He made this EP with D. Elio Boccuzzi on the drums.

Another Four Track Album     (2006)  Download

Another Four Track Album (2006)

Returning to the formula of 4 trackin' by the seat of his pants, Si produced this gem. 

Horns on the Same Goat (2007)  Download

Horns on the Same Goat (2007)

Started shortly after the first build of UP Recording Studio,  Horns on the Same Goat was Ombrellone's first voyage into multi-track recording. Frank Picarazzi appears on the drums.  It was shelved til it's release in 2015